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Michael Atkinson Member for Croydon

On February 5th 2013 the House of Assembly appointed Michael Atkinson as Speaker of the House.


Mick being dragged to Speakers chair

Some Speakers have been beheaded, others hanged and others have had their property forfeited or been excommunicated (eg. Sir John Bussy & William Catesby). This was owing to the King or the Parliament or a rival claimant to the throne distrusting them. So it is that Speakers must be dragged to chair. The Leader of the Opposition, Steven Marshall, and Premier Jay Weatherill dragged me to the chair.


Mick standing in chair

It is custom for the Speaker to thank the house for the honour of its appointing him to preside at its session. I thanked the House of Assembly for its trust in me (I was not opposed for the position by any other M.P.) and I suggested some changes, such as allowing members of the public (and the media) to photograph all M.Ps in the House and giving Independent M.Ps a question without notice in Question Time every day. Independent M.Ps have hitherto been denied questions without notice by an arrangement between the Opposition and the Government to monopolize them. I also foreshadowed that I would allow television cameras serving regional media (such as Win TV & Southern Cross T.V.) to film from the galleries on the opposite side of the chamber from the customary TV cameras so that Independent M.Ps faces could be filmed rather than the back of their heads as has always been the case.


Mick sitting in Speakers Chair

Members have been much better behaved during the three days I have been Speaker. Premier Jay Weatherill and Leader of the Opposition Steven Marshall have pledged themselves to bring greater civility to Parliamentary discourse and this week they delivered


Electoral Boundary Redistribtion

On August 22nd 2012 the Electoral Commission released its Final Redistribution Report, revising electorate boundaries across South Australia. A new map of the Croydon electorate can be found here.


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Water Restrictions - Elderly-08-01-2007
Wheel Clamps1-8-02-2007


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