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Michael Atkinson Member for Croydon


The Hon. Michael Atkinson M.P.

488 Port Road, Welland, 5007

Ph 8346 2462

Fax 8346 5471

Email croydon@parliament.sa.gov.au


Everyone is different. Mick knows and values this and does his best to cater to those differences when keeping in touch by making himself available in various ways.


Phone, fax and email

For many, the first point of contact is often by phone. For simple enquiries, this may be enough. Sometimes it helps to fax or email information, copies of documents, questions etc. to Mick. If you are faxing or emailing, please keep in mind that the more detail you can give, the easier it will be for Mick to look into your issue and find answers for you. Please also do not forget to include your contact details, so he can get back to you.

Visit Mick at his office

Some things are easier to discuss in person. Mick is happy to welcome you to his office to sit and have a chat. Booking a time is as easy as calling 8346 2462.

Visiting you at home or work

Mick knows that sometimes it is easier if he calls in on you at home or work. It may be that you cannot get away from work or home. It may be that you do not want to discuss your private issue in an office. Every person in Mick’s electorate is important to him, and, if you call him on 8346 2462, he will arrange a convenient time to visit you.

Street-Corner Meetings

Once a year, Mick holds street-corner meetings in each of the 19 suburbs that make up the Croydon electorate. Mick is there as your State M.P. along with your Federal M.P. and one or more local councilors. Mick describes these as a “One-stop shop for all government topics, no matter what level of government in which you are interested.” Street-corner meetings are ideal when you are not sure which level of government is best approached about your topic or interest. It is also one of the few occasions when you can speak about it to members of all levels of government at the same time.

Facebook and Twitter

Perhaps you don’t feel the need to catch up in person, but would rather leave a quick message online or just follow the most recent happenings, in which case Twitter and Facebook are the go.

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